Will Crockett

"Few photographers reach this level of skill and experience. From photographing Senators and Presidents, to training our combat photographers in the Pentagon, Mr. Crockett is a pleasure..." Col Hinkey AMVID, U.S. Army

Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara is Will's college pick to study advertising photography.

Based in Chicago, Will begins picking up photo assignments from PEOPLE, NEWSWEEK and Northwest Airlines.

Celebrities and political figures appear in front of Will's lens. A few favorites are Tom Bosley, Betty White, Presidents Ford and Carter, Alex Haley and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Fujifilm, Bogen/Manfrotto, Elinchrom and 18 other top brands sponsor a national speaking tour for Will to share his lighting and shooting tips with other pro photographers in 36 cities across the US.

ShootSmarter.com, Will's educational website for photographers, becomes the largest pro level educational site worldwide as Will begins shooting assignments with TIME magazine.

The ShootSmarter brand of educational DVD's becomes the best selling pro photography videos in America sold online and in 60+ camera stores.

Speaking at photography conventions, camera stores, WGN TV and Radio, and even at CES, Will becomes America's top commercial photo educator.

Panasonic contracts Will to consult on the launch of their new Lumix pro camera line and to create their professional talent team called the Lumix Luminaries.

Semi-retired, Will loves to shoot portraits and commercial sessions based in Cambria, CA.

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